The International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF)

It is the world governing body for Traditional Karate. The ITKF intends, by popularizing and developing Traditional Karate in the proper direction and by promoting and strengthening friendly relations among its member organizations and their members in all countries, to achieve the advancement of world sports and Budo spirit and thereby contribute to the perfection of human character. The Mission of the ITKF is to protect the original Traditional Karate based on the foundation of Budo. Its goal is to maintain the concept of human development through Traditional Karate training.

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"Victory itself is not the ultimate goal of Traditional Karate." (ITKF Constitution, Article 1, paragraph 1.3)



The concept of competition in traditional karate, as expressed in the ITKF competition rule book, is based on the ancient BuDo concept of Shi-Ai, which means “testing each other” for the purpose of guiding future development rather than simply for the purpose of winning. While competition is definitely not Traditional Karate's essence or goal, we recognize the value and contribution that competitions can provide as one more form of training as long as such competitions are based on traditional karate principles as manifested in the judging rules, event atmosphere and the proper “BuDo conduct” of all participants.



The ITKF is composed of Member Organizations established voluntarily and democratically in their own countries as governing body of Traditional Karate. Navigate below and find our members around the world.



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