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国際伝統空手連盟 - Kokusai Dentō Karate Renmei


The International Traditional Karate Federation's mission is to preserve the principles of Traditional Karate developed by Master Nishiyama, with the support of Sport Sciences and Neurosciences. The maxim that guides us is “Budo for Life”, a vision of Karate aimed at the development and improvement of the human being. The well-oriented practice of Traditional Karate, in addition to effective self-defense, brings many benefits to physical and mental health. Our institution is at a time of growth and expansion at a global level, based on solid strategic planning. We are open to anyone who wants to join an organization recognized worldwide for the quality and seriousness of its work. The tradition continues. Gilberto Gaertner, ITKF Chairman 国際伝統空手連盟 - Kokusai Dentō Karate Renmei

ITKF Articles of Incorporation

Chairman’s Timeline

ITKF Organizational Structure


Gilberto Gaertner – Chairman

Rômulo Valdemar Ribeiro Machado – President

Sandrine El Marhomy – Vice President

Antonio Walger – Board of Directors

Roman Pavlovic – Board of Directors

Fernando Manuel Alves Maia da Silva – Board of Directors

Ramy El Mekawy – Board of Directors

Ibrahim El Bakr – Board of Directors

Luiz Alberto Küster – General Secretary

Rui Francisco Martins Marçal – Treasurer

Sadiomar Santos – General Director

Jorge Alejandro Crosa – Comptroller

Bradley M. Webb – Comptroller


Technical Committee

Sensei Tasuke Watanabe – (Brazil) Chairman, ITKF Shihan-kai Council

Sensei Gilberto Gaertner – (Brazil) President/Chairman, ITKF

Sensei Eligio Contarelli – (Italy) – Committee Member

Sensei Justo Gómez – (Argentina) – Committee Member


Shihan-Kai Council

Chairman – Sensei Bernardo Contarelli – (Italy)

Sensei Gilberto Gaertner – (Brazil)


Athlete’s World Champions Committee

Cornel Musat (Romania)

Ricardo Luiz Buzzi (Brazil)

Manona Danciu (Romenia)

Martina Rey (Brazil)


Communications and Marketing Committee

Eyal Nirr (Israel)

Leonardo Neves Berg do Prado (Brazil)

Allef Santos da Silva (Brazil)

Ibrahim Albakr (Egypt)

Roman Pavlovic (Slovenia)


Innovation and Technology Committee

Vinícius Sant’Anna Pinto (Brazil)

Joarez Evangelista Franco Junior (Brazil)

Rafael Gustavo Gaertner (Brazil)

Sheriff Abuel Enein (Egypt)



Ibrahim Al-Bakr, as Projects and Events Advisor

Leonardo Neves Berg do Prado, as Communication Advisor

Raphael Gustavo Gaertner, as Innovation Advisor

Francisco Alexandre Martins, as Finance Advisor

Antonio Sergio Palu Filho, as Legal Advisor

Joarez Evangelista Franco Junior as IT Advisor

Vinicius Sant’Ana Pinto as Planning Advisor


The ITKF, in order to achieve the above-mentioned purposes, shall carry on the following activities:

• Hold the World Traditional Karate Championship and related activities.

• Hold the Traditional Karate World Cup.

• Hold and support regional tournaments, inter-country friendship tournaments and other related events.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various rules and regulations for Traditional Karate competition.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various standards pertaining to the techniques of Traditional Karate.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various standards pertaining to the qualifications of instructors and judges.

• Establish, conduct and supervise various standards pertaining to the athlete’s status.

• Hold and support lectures and seminars pertaining to Traditional Karate.

• Establish various educational and research institutions for the development of Traditional Karate.

• Publish & distribute official publications related to activities of the organization & Traditional Karate in general.

• Exchange information to provide useful material for member organizations.

• Carry out other activities necessary for achieving the aims of the organization.

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