ITKF creates superheroes to attract younger audiences

Superheroes Zanshin, Kiai, Kime and Hara will disclose principles and fundamentals of traditional karate-do

May 4, 2020
Curitiba– PR

Created by two traditional karate practitioners, the new ITKF project developed in partnership with Temples Art & Concept was born with the proposal to facilitate the learning and dissemination of the principles and fundamentals of traditional karate in a didactic way, but with a lot of action and fun.


The four characters created by Rafael Gustavo Gaertner, designed by Leonardo Neves and animated by Carlos Gimenez promise to entertain, cheer up and amuse karatekas of all ages in a modality that values ​​their fundamentals and prioritizes socio-educational aspects.


Zanshin is the hero of attention, connected 24 hours a day to all situations that the group may face. Kiai has the voice and command of karate, and with his powerful shout he can ward off any enemy. Kime, holder of the force, applies the most powerful and potent strokes. The inspiring Hara is the heart and mind of the group, always appearing in times of need to help and advise the other heroes.

Rafael Gaertner creator of the ITKF super heroes

Rafael Gaertner, adviser and member of the Innovation and Technology Commission of the International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF), explains that he created the characters from the need to facilitate the understanding of the fundamentals of the modality created by shihan Hidetaka Nishiyama.

“We created the ITKF superheroes with the proposal to massify our sport, and does not treat karate only as a sport, but as a way of life. An activity that establishes moral and ethical standards of conduct that must be followed by its practitioners. We believe that our heroes will be able to bridge the gap, or the link, between the public that does not know karate or our fundamentals and the precepts created by Master Nishiyama ”, explained the ITKF adviser.

Leonardo Neves, illustrator and co creator of the ITKF super heroes

The creative team’s proposal is to start with comic strips from the ITKF quartet weekly, aiming to attract a new group of practitioners to hundreds of dojos around the world. According to the director, the first comic strip should be released by May 10. Following, the project foresees the creation of comics, animation and games.

Philosophical technical support will be developed between the creative team Temples Art & Concept and Gilberto Gaertner, the Chairman of the International Federation of Traditional Karate.

Carlos Gimenez, designer, illustrator and scriptwriter


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