ITKF’s first virtual general assembly inaugurates a new form of institutional integration

ITKF will adopt all technological resources that can contribute to optimize management and institutional communication, and this is a way of no return

Sports Management
December 10, 2020
Curitiba – Brazil

The International Traditional Karate Federation (ITKF) will hold an extraordinary general meeting on December 13 for the rendering of accounts for 2019 and the officialization of the new member countries, in addition to the presentation of the preliminary balance sheet for 2020 and the planning for 2021.

ITKF chairman Gilberto Gaertner informs that the virtual meeting will also show the features of the entity’s new portal and news for next year. In an exclusive interview with Budô Magazine, Gaertner revealed the challenges and projections of the highest management institution of traditional karate.

ITKF Legendary Course

Will this be the first virtual general meeting of the ITKF?

Yes, before the assemblies were held in person and with biannual periodicity, coinciding with the world championships. With the advent of the pandemic and the widespread use of virtual platforms, we opted to hold the general meeting in remote format. Throughout the year, we have held countless meetings of the board and technical committee on a virtual basis, as well as two global seminars, all of which have been well used.

The 2019 balance sheet shows surprising results for beginning management. What is your assessment?

The positive result, in large part, was due to the world championship and side events. In 2019 we had the enormous challenge of organizing a world championship in eight months and, despite the short time and limited sponsorship alternatives, we managed to hold a high quality and surplus event. With a lot of work, a committed team and meticulous planning, the threat became a challenge – and the challenge mobilized all capacities and skills, producing excellent results for the ITKF.

2019 general meeting

Does the balance sheet for 2020 show a reduction in revenues compared to 2019?

As expected, this year we had a lower inflow of resources due to the pandemic. As there were no events or face-to-face courses, we were restricted to the payment of annuities and other complementary income. Despite the reduction in revenue, however, it was a very important year for our institution, as we managed to maintain investments in the IT area, in global seminars, in the production of newsletters, in the area of ​​governance, dissemination and strengthening of the ITKF brand.

Many of the ITKF leaders are elderly and can resist the use of technological resources. However, the use of virtual platforms has replaced meetings that previously required long trips. Does the holding of this assembly prove this trend?

The use of technological resources is a great facilitator in global communication and will only grow. At ITKF, regardless of the age of the managers, we do not face any difficulties with virtual activities, on the contrary, we had excellent adhesion. ITKF will adopt all technological resources that can contribute to optimize management and institutional communication. It is a way of no return.

Gilberto Gaertner with masters Takuo Arai and Tasuke Watanabe

What is the main project for 2021?

We have many. Among them, we will finalize the transformation of the site into a multifunctional portal and start issuing digital certificates with QrCode. We will continue to expand the institution, start courses at ITKF Traditional Karate University with a view to qualifying our instructors, we will make some international partnerships and have an institutional trip scheduled for Japan in October.

What is the meaning of the term “affiance to the constitution”?

This is the central point for all organizations: having a path that aligns and directs their actions. For ITKF, that instrument is the constitution. We will request that everyone formally commit to follow constitutional rules – a symbolic act that means that affiliates are committed to the organization, its culture and rules.

ITKF Masters

The prospect of growth and rapid strengthening of the Asian federation is very encouraging.”

What are the prospects for the formation of the Asia / Oceania Federation?

Asia was associated with the African regional federation, but with the significant increase in membership, the natural path is the creation of an independent organization. New affiliates and affiliates re-registered with their current obligations will form their organization and determine their direction next month. The prospect of growth and rapid strengthening of the Asian federation is very encouraging. We will undoubtedly create a large regional organization.

In the midst of all the changes we are experiencing this season, what is crucial for the ITKF today?

This season was very important for our institution. As many directors worked in home office and used virtual means of communication, we were able to dedicate a lot of time to planning and restructuring various institutional areas. It was a year of great growth. Within our strategic planning, we exceeded the goal of new affiliates for this year and the management area has evolved a lot with the new features of our website.

Robert Burnett, Ricardo Buzzi and Gilberto Gaertner at the 2010 World Championship held in Curitiba

Why did the ITKF request elections for the European and Asian federation after the general assembly?

Initially, it is important to note that regional organizations are not distinct from ITKF organizations and need to have their statutes in line with those of ITKF. They are composed exclusively of countries affiliated to the ITKF, which organize themselves regionally. As the European federation did not hold its election in 2019, only after the general assembly will we identify the countries that effectively integrate it and that have the right to vote. The same occurs with the Asia / Oceania federation, which has already had an important pre-organization, but will need to comply with the same procedures, that is, be integrated by affiliates with status and defaulters, who will have the mission to elect their representatives legally and organize their regional activities.

Why won’t there be elections for the Pan American Federation and the Federation of Africa?

The African federation was elected in 2018 in Paris during the ITKF extraordinary general meeting. The term of office of the board continues until 2022. The Pan American Federation, on the other hand, held its elections in 2019, during the 20th World Championship, and the term of office runs until 2023.

ITKF’s chairman honors Roman Pavlovic during the ITKF international congress

Do ITKF technical and event boards intend to promote innovations in the sports calendar?

The technical committee also worked hard this year, thanks to the virtual meetings. Revised and updated the Technical Qualification Guide, which deals with the standardization of degrees and training of technicians, referees and examiners. It has reviewed the forms of competition and is revising and updating the arbitration rules book. These are important contributions, which go hand in hand with administrative advances. The competitive calendar has been changed. At first, we moved the regional competitions to 2021, together with the Nishiyama Cup, and the World Championship, to 2022.

Referees who participated in the 2019 World Championship in Curitiba