Traditional Warriors

About us

The Warriors were born with the goal and vision to facilitate the learning, development and dissemination of the principles and fundamentals of traditional karate. Seeing the difficulty for some kids and even adults to understand some principles of karate the creators had brought the possibilites to teach those principles in a didactic fun way. The four main characters promise to entertain, cheer up and amuse karatekas of all ages in a modality that values their fundamentals and prioritizes socio-educational aspects.

The quartet includes:

1. Zanshin – the warrior of attention, connected 24 hours a day to all situations that the group may face.

2. Kiai- has the voice and command of karate, and with his powerful shout he can ward off any enemy.

3. Kime – holder of the force, applies the most powerful and potent fists.

4. The inspiring Hara- the heart and mind of the group, always appearing in times of need to help and advise the other warriors.


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